Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ajman Oval Cricket Academy

Ajman Oval took two years of hard toil for Khalil Ghulamnabi, Aamir Sarfraz, Salman Ahmad, Rashid Ghulamnabi and Shujaddin Chaudhry, all executive board members of the Oval, to turn the dream into a reality.

  • Automatic and zero level pitch grass cutting machines used for international matches.
  • Large side screens, high-powered floodlights and digital scoreboards that meet international standards.
  • The floodlights, scoreboards, pavilion all are designed according to international standardS with spacious dressing rooms. A mosque
  • A number of palm and neem trees have been planted in addition to the attractive gardening at every corner of the ground.
  • Three practice wickets that will be expanded to six in the near future.
  • Coffee and sports shops
  • Ample parking space

One to one individual specialized coaching sessions are available @ aed 800 for minimum of 10 classes with qualified coaches on week days and weekends.


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